Build Reliable Gen AI

DeployQL gives you the tools to develop and deploy late interaction retrieval for Gen AI.

Everything you need for state of the art relevance

DeployQL sets you up with a vector database in seconds.

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Scalable Vector Database

Build on top of our scalable vector database. DeployQL built on top of LintDB for a distributed and performant late interaction retrieval engine.

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Unstructured Data

Managed Indexing Pipelines

Convert PDFs, Images, Video, and Audio into state-of-the-art embeddings in our managed pipelines.

High Performance

Everything you need to move Gen AI to production

DeployQL helps you move faster with a comprehensive suite of tools. Increase your search relevancy for improved Gen AI performance.

Embed directly in your application

Simplify Gen AI development with our embedded database. Go to production without the operational concerns.

High Relevancy

Use state of the art techniques to drive better relevance.


Support multiple tenants from one database.


LintDB supports merging indexes and read-only replicas. Serve one index from multiple processes.


LintDB queries your data in milliseconds. Get high performance with top notch retrieval.


DeployQL is built on top of LintDB, an open source project powered by individual contributions.

Build reliable Gen AI.

We can help you move Gen AI from experimentation to production.

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